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We are a small family owned business. Michelle aka Granny, was raised surrounded by the old and wonderful goods that her mama, granny, and aunts procured and sold at First Monday in Canton, Texas. In the 1960s it was a small one day event and it was safe enough to give a 4-year-old 50 cents and let her wander around to shop.

We are here to help you find the treasures you are seeking. This website will be much smaller than our first one which means we will be circulating what you see. Drop me a note if you are looking for something as we might have it in stock.

antique shop front counter


Meet the

Granny aka Michelle

Hey, hey everyone. This is me with the front 1/4 of the new to us company vehicle. This will make my shopping trips and out of town appraisals so much easier and in the long run less expensive. No more hotels and road food. Next month we will begin filming a video series I have wanted to create for a longtime. It is intended to target those who are homebound or not fully able and don’t know where to go that will be accesible. I will find the unique and beautiful spots in the country and share them with you. Watch for “Meandering with Michelle” on YouTube.


Lumi is a great employee. He is a rescued American Bully, don’t let the name scare you because he is the sweetest guy one could hope to meet. Lumi is not much of a conversationalist but is a great listener. Best of all he is a great travel companion when I am on the road searching for new inventory or filming a segment for my upcoming YouTube series, “Meandering with Michelle.”

Vintage Picture of two men with dolls

These two gentlemen don’t work for My Granny’s Attic Antiques but I do love this picture with the antique dolls.


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