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Using the inventory creator is easy. The best method is to use a laptop to work your way through each room in your house and use this form to create a list of your belongings. It is also advisable to take pictures of items of particular interest. Below are some quick instructions on how to use Inventory Creator:

  1. Start with the first room, the living room for instance, and type the name of the room next to "Room #1". Doing this will automatically add an additional field for the next room you add.
  2. List the first item next to "Item #1 Name:". As soon as you click on the input field, a new field will appear for the next item. Fill in the rest of the information for that item.
  3. Continue to list all of your items until you have a complete list. Make sure to save your work every once in a while by clicking the "Save" button. This will save a special file to your hard drive that you can use to work with your inventory again later.
  4. Click the "Output HTML" button to save a nicely formatted list to your hard drive. In order to display images for your items, add the photos to the same folder where you saved the file. As you are filling out your inventory, you can copy and paste the photo file names in the "Photo Filename" input next to each item.
  5. To view your list and print it out, just browse to where you saved it, and double-click it to open it (it will be called "my-inventory-output.html"). It will open your list in your default web browser, images and all, and from there you can print it out.
  6. To work with your inventory again later, just click the "Browse..." button towards the top of the page to browse to your saved inventory file. The file will be named "my-inventory.php". Then click the "Upload" button to upload the file and start working on your inventory again.
  7. If you end up with some empty rooms or items because you re-organized your list, just save your file and upload it to clean up the empty spaces.
  8. Powered by My Grannys Attic Antiques, Collectibles and Custom Gifts